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Alofi, capital city of Niue

Alofi, capital city of Niue

The most important thing to pack for a trip to Alofi is a sense of adventure. The capital is the gateway to Niue, where the rocky coast is dotted with mysterious limestone caves and chasms, underwater caverns entice divers to explore some of the Pacific’s most incredible dive spots, and humpback whales nurse their newborn calves in the warm waters. There are only 1,200 people on the entire island, and you are almost guaranteed to leave with at least a few new friends.

There are few traditional tourist attractions in Alofi, but no one goes there to spend their holiday stuck in a stuffy museum. Instead, they go to explore one of the Pacific’s last true paradises. Niue is one of the world’s smallest countries, and for now, it remains one of the least “discovered” by the travel industry. There are no shopping malls or megaplexes, but there are plenty of opportunities for true adventure in an around the capital.

The entire island is made of porous limestone and lacks streams or lakes. This means that rainwater filters rapidly through the island into the Pacific, leaving the waters free of sediment and creating visibility up to 80 meters. There are few waters with more clarity, making diving in Alofi an exceptional experience.

The surrounding waters are a sanctuary to a wide array of marine life, and there are many chasms, caverns and caves waiting to be explored. The hard coral reefs off the shore thrive with many endemic species, and few people have explored the undisturbed sites, making diving and snorkeling in Alofi a truly unique experience.

The waters off the coast of Alofi are also great for fishing. Visitors can cast off from the rocky shoreline, hop on a charter boat, take the traditional route on a canoe or fly fish in the warm waters. Common catches include red bass, black, striped and blue marlin, saltfish, skipjack, wahoo and yellowfin tuna.

Spinner dolphins are permanent residents in the waters, and they often give amazing acrobatic displays around the reef. Visitors can even swim with the graceful creatures, interacting with them as they make their way through the pods.

You can swim with the dolphins in many places, but Niue is one of the only spots in the entire world where you can swim with humpback whales. From July to October, the gently giants arrive near the shores to nurse and calve their young. During the day, you can swim side-by-side with the incredible whales, and at night, you can hear their calls echoing around the shores.

The landscape of Niue offers just as many opportunities for adventure as the sea. The entire island is dotted with well-maintained and signposted tracks that take hikers through an array of surprises. Depending on which trail you choose, you may end up in a dense rain forest, spectacular cave, steep cliffside or jagged coral formation.

Even less adventuresome travelers will find much to enjoy in Alofi. You will never be bored in the capital thanks to the nine-hole golf course, photography opportunities, 4 x 4 tours, traditional canoe making workshops, weaving groups, spas and lively cricket and rugby games.

Fourteen times a year, Alofi and other villages on the island put on Show Days complete with pig roasts, dances, workshops and sales on local handicrafts. Prepared to leave stuffed full of delicious delicacies and with a few new friends, as the locals embrace visitors with open arms.

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Alofi Geographical Location

Alofi is located on the western coast of Niue facing Alofi Bay.

The population of Alofi is approximately 585 people.

Alofi Language

English is the official language of Niue while Niuean, a Polynesian dialect, is still widely spoken.

Alofi Predominant Religion

  • 61% Ekalesia Niue
  • 9% Latter-Day Saints
  • 7% Roman Catholic
  • 2.5% Jehovah’s Witness
  • 1.5% Seventh-Day Adventist
  • 17% Other
  • 2% None

Alofi Currency

The official currency of Niue is the New Zealand Dollar.

Alofi Climate

Alofi is consistently warm throughout the year with rain experienced in moderate amounts monthly.

Alofi Main Attractions

  • Utuko Beach
  • Niue Dive
  • Opaahi Landing

Other Attraction in Alofi

  • Huanaki Cultural Centre and National Museum
  • Ekalesia Church
  • The Chimney
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