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Hamilton, capital city of Bermuda

Hamilton, capital city of Bermuda

In Bermuda, nearly everything revolves around the capital of Hamilton. The city is the hub of commerce, politics and culture in the island nation and where people head to spend an evening on the town, do serious shopping or attend to business.

On one hand, the city looks quaint and traditional. On the other, it is cosmopolitan and bustling. You can relax in a century-old restaurant on the waterfront, sip on a rum swizzle, order up local rockfish with peas, take a carriage ride down the mansion-lined coast or zoom through traffic on a scooter.

The pulsing heart of Hamilton is Front Street, the harbor-front road lined with candy-colored Victorian buildings in shades of sky blue, bright lemon, apricot and lime. Many are adorned with overhanging verandas, and one of the most lovely ways to spend an evening is to wine and dine as you gaze at the boats gliding across the harbor.

In addition to a multitude of handsome government offices and other buildings, Hamilton is home to a handful of other interesting sights. Visitors are often most attracted, though, to the city’s plethora of restaurants. Over half of the country’s restaurants are in the capital, ranging from delightful cafes to impeccable fine-dining establishments.

Visitors looking for architectural splendor and moments of quiet reflection will find them in Hamilton’s many churches and religious sights. The Anglican Cathedral on aptly-named Church Street is a living landmark of local artisanship made of native stone. The wooden St. James’ Church dates back to 1789, and visitors are welcomed by ornate entry gates. St. Peter’s Church is the oldest Anglican church site in the New World in continuous use. Since 1612, it has welcomed the island’s faithful on Duke of York Street.

Dozens of ancient fortresses serves as monuments to Bermuda’s past. Some include parks, museums, gardens and moats, many give picturesque views of Hamilton and the sea, and all will renew your appreciation for military history. Fort Hamilton offers incredible panoramic views and is a tranquil place with a garden, well-tended lawns, 18-ton artillery pieces and dungeons just waiting to be explored.

The Royal Naval Dockyard is just a quick ferry ride from the capital and is one of the best places to dive into Bermuda’s culture and history. The old naval installation has been transformed into a charming shopping and dining district where visitors can climb the old ramparts, feast on fish and chips and explore the underwater world by snorkeling. At the on-site Bermuda Clayworks, visitors can watch the full-time pottery workshop create vividly colored tableware and ceramic artwork. The craft market is filled with the works of more than 60 local artists, including needlework, paintings, fabric art, jewelry, cedar work, quilts and ornaments.

The Royal Naval Dockyard also hosts the National Museum of Bermuda, a collection of eight historic buildings that include exhibits on Bermuda’s history of slavery, the islanders’ ancestries, the country’s maritime history and more. Take in the local history, then catch stunning views from the ramparts.

Throughout the city, gardens surround you with a kaleidoscope of sweet smelling flora. The 36-acre paradise of the National Botanical Gardens are located just outside the capital, and highlights include a miniature forest, bromeliad exhibit, greenhouse full of exotic orchids, palm garden and aviary rich with bird life.

Most people come to Bermuda to soak in the sun and play in the surf, and you can do both in the capital. At Clarence Cove, you can swim year-round in the exquisite lagoon-like setting, and some of the best beaches in the country are just a short drive from Hamilton.

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Hamilton Geographical Location

Serving as not only the capital of the territory but also the city’s financial center and major port access, Hamilton only holds a population of 969.

Hamilton is home to the Bermuda World Cup, a popular sailing event.

Hamilton Language

English is the official language used in Hamilton, Bermuda; however, some Portuguese is spoken.

Hamilton Predominant Religion

The predominant religion in Hamilton, Bermuda, is Christianity.

Hamilton Currency

The Bermudian dollar (BMD)is the official currency of Hamilton, Bermuda.

Hamilton Climate

Hamilton’s warm humid subtropical climate is almost a tropical climate featuring very mild winters, if you can even call them that, and humid and warm summers.

Hamilton main attractions

  • Devil’s Hole Aquarium
  • Victoria Park
  • Bermuda Cathedral
  • Fort Hamilton

Other attractions in Hamilton

  • Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
    Hamilton City Hall – now holds the Bermuda National Gallery

Closest major airport to Hamilton, Bermuda

  • The closest airport is within the city and is Bermuda International Airport.
  • The airport codes are (BDA/TXKF).
  • The airport is located in St. George’s Parish. All arriving passengers will be required to pass through Customs and Immigration.”
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