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Casino Gardens and Terraces, Monaco

Casino Gardens and Terraces, Monaco

Millions of visitors test their luck each year at the Monte Carlo Casino, but the card tables and roulette wheels are not the only things that draw crowds at the site. Surrounding the famed casino are some of the most immaculate and beautiful gardens in Monaco. The Casino Gardens and Terraces are bathed in sun nearly year-round and feature many different pools, fountains, plantings and flower beds bursting with color.

Just as elegant and ornate as the casino, the terraces face over the Mediterranean and the bustling Port Hercule, giving visitors a stunning view of Monaco’s coastline. A lovely retreat, many locals take to the terraces to enjoy picnic lunches and serene sunsets over the waters, and the many palm trees provide cool shade on the warmest days of the year.

In addition to leading visitors to the casino doors, many of the paths that wind through the gardens lead to chic boutiques, intimate cafes and shops from some of the world’s most sought-after designers, including Prada and Hermes.

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