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Wellington Arch • London

Wellington Arch • London

This majestic stone arch stands across from Apsley House, the mansion of the Duke of Wellington, at Hyde Park Corner. Constructed in 1828 and designed by Decimus Burton, the Wellington Arch was meant to be a grand entrance welcoming visitors to London’s west side, and its design echoes that of the Marble Arch, another of the city’s landmark gates. Both memorialized Britain’s successes during the Napoleonic Wars.

Wellington Arch

Burton dreamt of creating a much more ornate arch, but the budget for the project was stretched thin after King George IV spent a fortune refurbishing Buckingham Palace. The original statue of the Duke of Wellington that was supposed to top the arch was moved to an army barracks, and he was replaced with a four-chariot horse of war manned by the Angel of Peace.

Wellington Arch

The interior of the arch contains permanent and temporary exhibits documenting its history and outlining a fascinating exploration of the other great arches of the world.

Wellington Arch seen from the road

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The arch’s upper platform offers dramatic panoramic views into Buckingham Palace’s private gardens and Hyde Park.

Wellington Arch Hyde Park Corner view

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