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Victoria & Albert Museum • London

Victoria & Albert Museum • London

The Victoria and Albert Museum, known to locals as simply “the V&A,” houses the world’s finest collection of applied arts from all nationalities, disciplines and periods. It is the perfect place to get lost within, and it has been one of the United Kingdom’s most loved cultural institutions since it opened in 1857.

Victoria & Albert Cast Room

Victoria & Albert Museum Tapestry Gallery

Instead of being organized by period, most of the collections are presented by category, including jewelry, textiles, sculpture and more. For example, in the Fashion Gallery, haute couture masterpieces by contemporary designers stand next to ultra-formal court dresses from the 18th century. This thoughtful curation creates a dazzling sense of visual continuity.

Victoria & Albert Museum interior gallery

Victoria & Albert Museum interior

Each of the three Asian Galleries is worth exploring, but the Japanese Gallery is a real highlight due to its striking collection of samurai armor.

Victoria & Albert Museum Cafe

Victoria & Albert Museum interior

The many British Galleries cover the country’s design and art from the 16th through 20th centuries. A series of real rooms have been amazingly recreated piece by piece from furniture and décor rescued from historic buildings, and the Great Bed of Ware from “Twelfth Night” is on full display.

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Garden of Victoria & Albert Museum

The imponent facade of Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Also worth visiting are the galleries devoted to Buddhist Sculpture, the Renaissance and Medieval periods, ceramics and those that focus on Korea, China and the Islamic Middle East.

Use the free map to navigate the labyrinthine building or take a free hour-long tour for a whirlwind introduction to the collection.

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