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Trafalgar Square • London

Trafalgar Square • London

Immerse yourself in the very heart of London at Trafalgar Square. The square is the place from which all distances that grace signposts in the United Kingdom are measured, but it is also the center of much of the city’s life. Marches and rallies stomp through in protest, tens of thousands flood the square to ring in each New Year, and locals head there for open-air cinemas, festivals, music concerts and other cultural events.

Busy Trafalgar Square

The square was completed under Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Charles Barry in 1850, but it was neglected and marred by flocks of pigeons and gnarling traffic for many years. That all changed when Ken Livingstone took over as mayor in 2000 and began an innovative and imaginative restoration project to transform Trafalgar Square into one of London’s greatest public spaces. His plan was successful, and it soon became one of the most popular attractions in the capital.

Fountain & St. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square

Two eye-catching fountains grace the main square, statue-topped columns mark three of the square’s corners, and the fourth is dominated by a wondrous art installation named The Fourth Plinth.

National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square

Street performers entertain before the National Gallery on the northern plaza, and a column dedicated to Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory over Napoleon is at the square’s center, flanked by lion statues cast in bronze.

Saint Martin in the fields Church

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Trafalgar Square buildings

The buildings that surround the square are just as remarkable. Some of the splendid neighbors include the National Portrait Gallery, Canada House, the church of St. Martin in the Fields and Admiralty Arch.

HMS Victory & Canada House, Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, London

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