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The Monument • London

The Monument • London

Known commonly as just “The Monument,” this memorial stands on Fish Street Hill and Monument Street in remembrance of the Great Fire of London that ravaged the city in 1666.

The Monument base close up

The fire started in a baker’s house on September 2, 1666, and continued to rage on until September 5. All activity in the city was halted, and the fire consumed and damaged hundreds of streets, thousands of homes and many public buildings and churches, including the famed St. Paul’s Cathedral. Only buildings made of stone survived, like the Guildhall and St. Paul’s.

London view from the Monument

The Monument was erected between 1671 and 1677 near the place where the fire began. The colossal Doric column was designed in the antique tradition by Sir Christopher Wren, and the 311 stairs inside lead visitors to a viewing platform that offers a spectacular view of the city 160 feet above the ground.

The Monument dome

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The Monument street view

The Monument is 202 feet tall, exactly the same distance between it and the place where the fire originated.

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