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The City • London

The City • London

The City of London… view from the Tower Bridge

“The City” is London’s oldest, most historic district. Founded in AD 50, this is the birthplace of London, and it is where the ancient and modern worlds collide. The ancient walls of Londinum, as the city was called by the Romans, can still be seen around the district, but contemporary towers of glass and steel house global business giants on the same block. This juxtaposition of the past with the present makes The City one of London’s most fascinating districts.

The Bank of England & The Royal Exchange, The City

Guildhall in The City

Many of the capital’s most historic buildings are in The City, including the Bank of England. Eight architects left their mark on the imposing structure between 1732 and 1939, and the building is now the center of Britain’s financial system.

Leadenhall Market in The City

Guildhall is the oldest secular stone structure in the city. The beautiful Gothic building was constructed in 1411 and survived both the Blitz and the Great Fire of London.

Roman Wall that surrounded The City

Leadenhall Market, a fine Victorian marketplace, is a favorite shopping destination for both visitors and locals.

City of London School

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Royal Exchange of London

In 1988, archaeologists revealed the sole Roman amphitheater in London. During the excavations, a number of well-preserved buildings were unearthed, and visitors can explore them today through the Guildhall Art Gallery.

Victoria Embankment, The City of London

View of the City from across the Thames river

Other highlights of The City include the Georgian-style Mansion House, the Monument, Old Bailey, the stately Royal Exchange, Smithfield Market, Temple Bar and the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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