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The British Museum • London

The British Museum • London

The British Museum is one of the most celebrated treasures in London. The great temple of culture is overflowing with incalculable beauty and value from around the world, including some of humankind’s greatest relics: the Sutton Hoo Treasure, the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles and more.

The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court British Museum

British Museum Great Court

The highlight of the Lower Gallery is the Sainsbury African Galleries, home to over 200,000 objects that detail the Asante, Benin and other ancient kingdoms. The Great Court’s genius modern design is topped with a huge glass roof that illuminates the covered courtyard. A gold and blue dome tops the temporary exhibitions in the Reading Room, and each of the nearly 100 galleries houses incredible treasures just waiting to be explored.

The Rosetta Stone in The British Museum

The British Museum statue of Ramesses II

The greatest hits of the British Museum include the Rosetta Stone, inscribed in Greek, a cursive demotic script and Greek in 196 BC that later proved to be the key to deciphering hieroglyphics. A seven-ton statue of Ramesses II stands in the same room.

The British Museum Elgin Marbles

British Museum Elgin Marbles

The Elgin Marbles in the 18th gallery date back to around 400 BC and are exhibited next to a modern, high-tech model of the Acropolis.

British Museum Human headed winged lion

Lycia Nereid Monument, British Museum Great Russell Street

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Other highlights include the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos, a collection of North American artifacts that dates back more than 10,000 years, the alluring Mexican Gallery, Egyptian mummies and the glittering 4th-century treasures of Mildenhall.

Greek & Roman Sculpture, British Museum Great Russell Street

British Museum interior

Wandering around the museum is a joy, but free guided museum tours leave the front desk every 30 to 40 minutes and cover the most notable highlights.

British Museum Great Court Marble statue of a youth on horseback from Rome

British Museum facade, London

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