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St. James’s Palace • London

St. James’s Palace • London

St. James’s Palace served as a royal residence for over 300 years and has been the setting for many of Britain’s most important historical events.

St. James Palace street view

Constructed in the 1530s, the palace was called home by England’s kinds and queens for the next three centuries and remains the Sovereign’s official residence, even though all rulers have lived at Buckingham Palace since Queen Victoria in 1837.

St. James’s Palace

Built by Henry VIII, much of the original red-brick building survives today, including some turrets, the gatehouse, two Tudor-style rooms and the Chapel Royal.

St. James Palace perspective view

The estate eventually sprawled out to include four courts named Friary, Colour, Engine and Ambassador, and Henry VIII’s royal cypher can still be seen at the end of St. James’s Street on the great Tudor Gatehouse.

St. James Palace front wall

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Many of the most influential and important moments in Britain’s history took place at the palace. Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife, stayed there following her coronation, Mary Tudor surrendered Calais from the palace in 1558, and the future James II and Charles II were born there.

St. James’s Palace road

The palace itself is closed to the public, but visitors are welcome to explore the adjoining Queen’s Chapel at specified times throughout the year.

St. James Palace surroundings, London

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