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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre • London

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre • London

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is an incredible recreation of the wood-and-thatch, open-roofed Globe Playhouse that premiered most of Shakespeare’s greatest works. The original playhouse was built in 1599, but it burned to the ground in under two hours in 1613. The modern incarnation was the dream of Sam Wanamaker, an American director and actor who worked tirelessly for decades to reconstruct the theater only to die before its opening performance in 1997.

inside Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Built with traditional techniques and materials, the Globe has been faithfully reconstructed with thatch, lime plaster, oak beams and handmade bricks. “Groundlings” can buy a cheap standing-only tickets, but the rest of the audience sits on backless wooden benches. The show goes on regardless of the weather in the open-roofed theater, so be prepared for rain or shine, warmth or cold.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Exhibition

Under the theater is Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition, which gives visitors a good introduction to Elizabethan theater and the architecture and techniques used to reconstruct today’s Globe.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre architecture

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Tours take visitors through the theater and the museum, and on matinee days, visitors can view the archaeological site of the Rose Theater nearby.

view of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

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