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HMS Belfast • London

HMS Belfast • London

the HMS Belfast and the Tower Bridge

The flags of the HMS Belfast flap in the breezes of the Thames, welcome naval-gazing fans from around the world. Not far from City Hall, the huge cruiser helped sink German battleships in the Second World War, was shelled the coast of Normandy on D-Day and instrumental in the Korean War.

HMS Belfast at Autumn in London

HMS Belfast quarters

Launched in 1938, the ship spans four platforms and five decks, and touring it offers unique insight into life as a cruiser. Visitors are welcome to explore the living quarters, boiler room and operations room, which has been painstakingly reconstructed to showcase its importance in the Battle of North Cape in 1943. The result of the battle was the sinking of the Scharnhorst, a German battleship.

HMS Belfast Guns

HMS Belfast gun turrets

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On the bridge, visitors can sit in the chair of the admiral, explore his cabin, sip on coffee in the Walrus cafe and squint through the sights of the open deck’s 4-inch HA/LA guns, capable of hitting a target miles away.

HMS Belfast last big gun cruiser

London Bridge Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast

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