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Restauradores Square, Lisbon

Restauradores Square, Lisbon

The history and culture of Lisbon can be summed up in many of its most famous tourist spots, and the Restauradores Square is no different. This square, located near Rossio Square on the south end of Avenida da Liberdade, was built to commemorate Portugal’s independence from Spanish rule.

The construction of the square started in the 1880’s, culminating with the completion of Restauradores Square’s main focal point, the Monument to the Restorers, in 1886. This monument is dedicated to those who fought two royal houses, the Habsburgs and the house of Braganza, in the Portuguese Restoration War. This war spanned decades, starting in 1640 and ending in 1668. The monument itself is an 30-meter high obelisk at the top with a based that features two smaller bronze statues. These statues symbolize victory and independence. Along each side of the obelisk significant names and dates within the Portuguese Restoration War are carved. Simões de Almeida and Alberto Nunes were responsible for the design and sculpting of this monument.

Tourists and residents of Lisbon who come to Restauradores Square are also interested in many of the buildings that surround the square. Many of the buildings feature different architectural styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of the highlights is the Éden Theater, designed by Cassiano Branco and built in the 1930s with a beautiful art deco design. It now serves as a hotel.

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Another point of interest on the square is the Palácio Foz with its stunning interiors. The palace now serves as the national tourism office and can be toured with special permission. Visitors to the square can also explore the modernist former Condes Cinema, where you can also now enjoy a well-known Cafe. Restauradores Square is a great location for tourists to visit or stay nearby to be close to many of the great Lisbon attractions available just steps away.

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