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Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan

Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan

Tashkent is a charmer, but visitors must penetrate its outer skin to uncover its true personality. On the surface, the capital of Uzbekistan appears to be a typical Soviet-style city, where grey blocks of buildings tower imposingly over broad avenues, but Tashkent is anything but typical. Green spaces break up the bleak landscape, the nightlife thrives more than nearly anywhere else in the Muslim world, cosmopolitan locals indulge in a world-class restaurant scene and outstanding museums provide a cultural atmosphere unlike any in the region.

Start your visit in the Old Town, where winding streets lead to ancient mosques, adobe houses and shady courtyards just waiting to be explored. The Chorsu Bazaar, The city’s most famous farmers’ market thrives on the district’s southern edge, teeming with local produce like pomegranates, persimmons, melons and mouth-watering tomatoes. The delightful slice of urban life is topped with an emerald-hued dome and filled mountains of exotic spices, entire sheds of freshly-baked breads and other delectable treats.

The hill that overlooks the bazaar is topped by the Kukeldash Medressah, built in the 16th century to educate locals about the Quran. It remains one of Central Asia’s most well-preserved Quran schools and is an outstanding example of traditional design.

The world’s oldest Quran is on display at the Moyie Mubarek Library Museum. The 7th-century holy book sits among 3,000 other rare manuscripts and over 20,000 other books in the enormous library.

Tashkent is rich in museums, and one of the best is the History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan. The country’s story is told through captivating exhibits with artifacts ranging from the ancient era through today. On the first floor, Buddhist and Zoroastrian artifacts dazzle with their intricate designs and spiritual significance. The second floor is dedicated to the Russian conquests of the emirates, and the third floor focuses solely on Karimov. Well-curated and endlessly fascinating, the collection is a great primer on the country’s history and culture.

More than 1,500 years of culture and art are on display at the Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan. Central Asian masters from the 19th and 20th centuries take center stage, but much attention is also given to Soviet realists, pre-Russian painters, Buddhist relics and European artists.

There are a number of mausoleums in the city that pay tribute to some of Uzbekistand’s most significant people. The most ancient is the Kaldrygach-bly Mausoleum, built in the 15th century and the resting place of the celebrated politician Tole-bly. A descendant of Gengiz Khan is laid to rest at the Yunus Khan Mausoleum, and the Mausoleum of Abubakr Muhammad Kaffal Shashi is especially remarkable for its conical dome, intricate inscriptions and detailed wooden lattices.

Other sights worth exploring in the vibrant city include the Abdulkasim Madrassa, the Navoy Literary Museum, the Amur Timur Museum, the progressive Ilkhom Theater, the moving Monument central of Courage , the central market of Oloy Bozori, the ultra-modern Tashkent TV Tower, the Independence Monument, the Brothers’ Tombs and the Boghi Eram Recreation Park, where the festival atmosphere is enjoyed by both the young and old.

Tashkent Geographical Location

Tashkent is located near the northeast border of Uzbekistan on the Chirchik River.

The population of Tashkent is approximately 2,200,000.

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Tashkent Language

Uzbek is the official language of Uzbekistan and is spoken by the majority of the population.

Tashkent Predominant Religion

  • 88% Muslim
  • 9% Eastern Orthodox
  • 3% Other

The constitution of Uzbekistan provides freedom of religion but does not permit private religious instruction, disseminating religious literature, or converting others to a specific religion.

Tashkent Currency

The official currency of Uzbekistan is the Som.

Tashkent Climate

Tashkent has a Mediterranean climate and experiences dry and hot summers with short, wet, and cold winters.

Tashkent Main Attractions

  • Chorsu Bazaar
  • Tashkent TV Tower
  • Independence Square

Other Attraction in Tashkent

  • Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan
  • Navoi Opera Theater
  • Amir Timur Museum
  • Old Tashkent
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