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N’Djamena, capital city of Chad

N’Djamena, capital city of Chad

N’Djamena is a city of contrasts. The capital of Chad is quickly growing, and estimates project the population to double to over two million in the next ten years. Even with that rapid growth, the city feels more like a village due to its ubiquitous mud huts and economy based largely on agriculture. It is the only large city in Chad, and there are few traditional tourist sights, but the bars are lively at night, the markets are great for bargains and the people are friendly.

The city is home to many mosques and also boasts the presidential palace and a cathedral. The views across the river are spectacular, and the Chad National Museum is worth a visit for its small but interesting collection of artifacts.

N’Djamena Geographical Location

N’Djamena is located in the southwest of Chad where the Chari and Logone Rivers meet.

The approximate population of N’Djamena is 995,000 and is Chad’s largest city.

N’Djamena Language

French and Arabic are the official languages of Chad. Chadian Arabic is the most popular language.

N’Djamena Predominant Religion

  • 53% Muslim
  • 20% Roman Catholic
  • 14% Protestant
  • 7.5% Animist
  • 3% Atheist
  • 2.5% Other

Muslims make up the largest percentage of Chadians and are located mainly in the north and east while most Christians live in the south. Chad’s constitution provides for religious freedom and is generally respected.

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N’Djamena Currency

The CFA Franc is the official currency of Chad.

N’Djamena Climate

N’Djamena is extremely hot throughout the year with a rainy season between June and September.

N’Djamena Main Attractions

  • Chad National Museum
  • N’Djamena Cathedral
  • Central Market

Other Attraction in N’Djamena

  • Avenue Charles de Gaulle
  • Chari River Beach
  • Grand Mosque
  • N’Djamena University
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