Oceania capital cities to visit


South Tarawa, Kiribati

South Tarawa

South Tarawa is the capital of Kiribati, a scattered group of islands in Micronesia. The capital's island, Tarawa, lacks the luxury of...

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Nuku'Alofa, Tonga


Nuku'alofa is where old and new Tonga meet. The city challenges all preconceptions of a South Pacific idyll. It is the first place most...

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Yaren, Nauru


The South Pacific island of Nauru is the smallest independent republic in the world, and it takes under an hour to...

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Saipan Northern Mariana Islands


Saipan is an inexpensive slice of exotica, known for its indigenous charm, affordable accommodations and intensely beautiful beaches...

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Ngerulmud, Palau


Ngerulmud is the young capital of Palau, established in 2006 when the government moved its offices from Koror, the former capital. Located...

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Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands


If your idea of a perfect vacation is truly “getting away from it all,” there is probably no destination on Earth better than Adamstown...

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Palikir, Micronesia


Palikir is the relatively understated capital of the Federal States of Micronesia. Located on the island of Pohnpei, the city is short on traditional...

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Wellington, New Zealand


Hugged by picturesque hillsides and a magnificent harbor, Wellington is New Zealand's most appealing city. Although its rival, Auckland, has...

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Papeete, French Polynesia - Tahiti‎


Apia is a small capital surrounded with tropical grandeur. Hugged by sublime beaches, craggy lava cliffs and verdant conservation areas...

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby

Port Moresby greets visitors to Papua New Guinea with interesting cultural displays, impressive buildings, charming gardens and a...

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Hagåtña, Guam


Once somewhat a Pacific theme park for tourists from Japan, Guam and its capital of Hagåtña are in the middle of a tourism overhaul. The...

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Funafuti, Tuvalu


Funafuti is an atoll that contains the capital of Tuvalu, a group of South Pacific islands known not for their spectacular cities, but instead...

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Apia, Samoa


Apia is a small capital surrounded with tropical grandeur. Hugged by sublime beaches, craggy lava cliffs and verdant conservation areas...

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Port Vila, Vanuatu

Port Vila

The beauty of Port Vila puts other Oceanic capitals to shame. The city was built around Vila Bay, and the French atmosphere provided by...

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Suva, Fiji


Suva is an urban milieu of cultures and ethnicities. In the downtown district, modern shopping plazas sit side by side with colonial...

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Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

Flying Fish Cove

Christmas Island is an impressive feat of nature full of natural wonders including red crab migrations, exotic birds and wonderfully deserted...

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Majuro, Marshall Islands


Once called “the pearl of the Pacific” by Robert Louis Stevenson, the Majuro Atoll is one of the greatest treasures of the Marshall Islands...

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Pago Pago, American Samoa

Pago Pago

Pago Pago is the stunningly beautiful capital of American Samoa, a chain of seven islands in the South Pacific. The city...

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Avarua, Cook Islands


The Cook Islands are a dream come true for any traveler who has fantasized about escaping from the modern world's hustle and bustle.

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Alofi, Niue


The most important thing to pack for a trip to Alofi is a sense of adventure. The capital is the gateway to Niue, where the rocky coast is dotted...

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Mata-Utu, Wallis and Futuna


Traveling to Mata-Utu, the capital of the Polynesian islands of Wallis and Futuna, is like traveling to an entirely different world

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Canberra, Australia


Cradled by mountains and bushland hills, Canberra is more than just the political heart of Australia. The liberal city is also where national...

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Kingston, Norfolk-Island


Norfolk Island is where you can really immerse yourself in rich layers of history, culture, creative expression and nature. The tiny island is only...

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Honiara, Solomon Islands


Honiara is a city looking optimistically toward the future. Ethnic tensions and civil unrest rocked the capital of the Solomon Islands between...

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Nouméa, New Caledonia


New Caledonia is a little slice of France in the Pacific. The capital city of Nouméa has the atmosphere of the French Riviera but also...

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West Island, Cocos Keeling Islands

West Island

West Island is one of the only two inhabited Cocos Keeling Islands. The remaining 27 islands are some of the last unspoilt paradises...

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