North America capital cities to visit


Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City

French poet Andre Breton once described Mexico as a surrealist county, and the capital city seems to delight in its own wonderful strangeness...

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Managua, Nicaragua


Sultry and seismic, Managua is the nerve center and capital of Nicaragua. Known as both the “city of Peace” and the “Daughter of War”, the...

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Washington DC, United States of America

Washington DC

The first planned capital city in the world, Washington D.C. was designed to be a beautiful marriage of art and geometry. The city exudes...

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Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala City

Visitors do not come to Guatemala City for its architectural charm or beauty; instead, they come to experience the vibrant energy of Central...

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Panama City, Panama

Panama City

Panama City is Central America's most cosmopolitan capital, a thriving center of international finance, a gateway to many natural riches...

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San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador

San Salvador is a cosmopolitan capital cranking with energy. The city seems daunting at first, but visitors soon learn to move at its energetic...

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San Jose, Costa Rica

San José

For most of the last century, San José was little more than an agricultural city. That all changed following the post- civil war urban migration...

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Tegucigalpa, or just “Tegus,” as the locals call it, is a vibrant capital nestled in a valley with a colonial center and surrounded by sprawling...

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Ottawa, Canada


Postcard-perfect, vibrant, clean and culturally diverse, Ottawa is a traveler’s paradise. The Canadian capital sits at the middle of three...

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Hamilton, Bermuda


In Bermuda, nearly everything revolves around the capital of Hamilton. The city is the hub of commerce, politics and culture in the island nation...

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Belmopan, Belize


In 1961, Hurricane Hattie ravaged the capital of Belize. After Belize City was nearly destroyed, the government realized that a capital...

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Nuuk, Greenland


Nuuk is the most cosmopolitan town in Greenland, backed by a spectacular panorama of mountains. The capital commands an incredible fjord...

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Saint Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Saint Pierre

Visitors to Saint Pierre may think they are in France, although in reality they are only 25 kilometers from Newfoundland, Canada.

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