Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the coolest, most exciting and most cosmopolitan cities in Scandinavia

Copenhagen is one of the coolest, most exciting and most cosmopolitan cities in Scandinavia, and the Danish capital is truly blossoming. A mixture of continued and prosperity and new architecture has put a spring in the city's step, and the capital is now bursting with more restaurants and cafes than ever. The extraordinary city is also stunningly beautiful, with cobbled squares, canals and copper spires defining the cityscape. There is an undeniable joie de vivre in the capital, and more and more travelers are falling in love with it each year.

Tivoli Gardens feel like an entirely different world right in the center of the capital

Start your visit at the Tivoli Gardens, which feel like an entirely different world right in the center of the capital. The amusement park is one of the most beloved attractions in Denmark, and visitors can nearly feel the magic in the air when they walk through the entry gates. The park's layout remains very much like it was when it opened in 1843, but the rides are decidedly more futuristic now. The space also really is a garden, where flowers and a fairytale atmosphere mix with water streams and Chinese pagodas. There is also a traditional pantomime theater with daily performances that delight both children and adults. Free big band concerts are performed at the outdoor saloons, the formal concert hall is one of Europe's best and a trolley bus takes visitors down the garden's oldest streets. With all these magical features, it is easy to see why visitors and locals alike are so charmed by the gardens.

The Nyhavn district defines Copenhagen for many locals and travelers

The Nyhavn district defines Copenhagen for many locals and travelers. The old port used to play host to pubs, sailors and alehouses, but today is one of the most vibrant places in the city. Take a stroll through the neighborhood past 100-year old cafes, 17th-century houses and lively courtyards. Jazz bands playing impromptu live shows on the wharf often provide a sweet soundtrack as the old wooden ships come into shore.

Since 1913, the Little Mermaid has sat overlooking the Copenhagen harbor

Since 1913, the Little Mermaid has sat overlooking the Copenhagen harbor. One of the most famous Danes in the world, the Hans Christian Anderson character is immortalized in a statue near the Langelinje Pier. The statue is one of the biggest tourist draws in the country, so get there early if you want to capture a photo without waiting in line all day.

Stock Exchange in Copenhagen

The statue can also be seen from most of the city's canal boat tours. The tours are a great way to rest your feet and relax while still exploring many of Copenhagen's most fascinating sights. In addition to floating by the Little Mermaid, most tours also take visitors past the majestic Opera, Nyhavn neighborhood, Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish royal family's Amalienborg Palace, the old fish market and the Church of Our Savior, featuring the city's most extraordinary spire.

Stroget streets are usually packed with locals and visitors shopping

The Stroget area is also worth exploring. The five continuous streets are usually packed with locals and visitors shopping at designer boutiques and budget clothing stores, dining at posh restaurants and kebab houses and listening to the sounds of street musicians. The vibrant scene is especially energizing on a sunny day when all of Copenhagen seems to come out of the woodwork.

Christianborg Palace, home to the Supreme Court

Other notable sights in the city include the tranquil lakes, the gorgeous Glyptoteket museum with its indoor tropical oasis, the idyllic Christianshavn district, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the 27-acre Copenhagen Zoo, the 17th-century Round Tower observatory and the Christianborg Palace, home to the Supreme Court, Danish Parliament and Ministry of State. There is truly something to fit every interest and taste, and most of these sights are within walking distance from each other.

Copenhagen Geographical Location

Copenhagen is located on the island of Zealand near “The Sound”, the straight of water that separates Denmark from Sweden. It is the largest city in Denmark with a population of 1,900,000.

Copenhagen Language

The official language of Copenhagen and Denmark is Danish. Faroese, Greenlandic and, in small minorities, German is spoken. English is very common as a second language.

Copenhagen Predominant Religion

  • 95% Evangelical Lutheran
  • 3% Other Christian
  • 2% Muslim

Protestants and Roman Catholics account for much of the “other Christian” category and, as evident by its high percentage, Evangelical Lutheran is Moldova’s official religion.

Copenhagen Currency

The Danish Krone is the official currency of Denmark.

Copenhagen Climate

Copenhagen’s weather is very volatile due to its location although it is generally cold throughout the year with precipitation expected for almost half of it.

Copenhagen Main Attractions

  • Vors Frelsers Kirke
  • Palaces of Amalienborg
  • Nyhavn Canal

Other Attraction in Copenhagen

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Copenhagen Opera House
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • National Musuem (Nationalmuseet)

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