Malabo, capital city of Equatorial Guinea


The first things visitors see when they fly into Malabo are the coastal refineries, tankers and oil platforms that surround the capital's harbor. The city is very much an oil town, but it is also a relaxing destination for expatriates looking to relax after long days on the platforms. Although the city lacks many traditional tourist sights, it makes up for it with a friendly vibe and walkable cityscape.

garden in MalaboMalabo garden

The best way to explore the city is simply to wander through the bustling streets on foot. The eastern side of the capital is dominated by the presidential palace, and Independence Place is at the heart of the city. There, visitors can explore the colonial cathedral built by the Spanish. In the northern part of the city, bays and headlands offer a lovely respite from the sometimes chaotic atmosphere of the city center.

Malabo road

Malabo Geographical Location

Malabo is located on the northern coast of the island Bioko north of the mainland of Equatorial Guinea.

The population of Malabo is approximately 156,000 and is the second largest city in Equatorial Guinea.

Malabo Language

Spanish and French are the official languages of Equatorial Guinea but Spanish is the most widely spoken.

Malabo Predominant Religion

  • 93% Christia
  • 5% Indigenous Beliefs
  • 2% Other

The “other” category is comprised mainly of Muslims and Baha’is.

Malabo Currency

The Central African CFA Franc is the official currency of Equatorial Guinea.

Malabo Climate

It is consistently hot throughout the year in Malabo with rainfall occurring every month, though significantly less from December to February.

Malabo Main Attractions

  • Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program
  • Malabo Bushmeat Market
  • Universidad Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial

Other Attraction in Malabo

  • Malabo Old Quarter
  • Cathedral Malabo
  • Presidential Palace
  • Pico Basile National Park

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